Romantic Love – Physical Touch and Loving Feeling

Love is a broad spectrum of different emotions, from pure love that seems to envelop us all, right through to the most intense form of grief and anger. The more extreme the emotion, the harder it is to love someone and to let love engulf you. It’s like a beautiful flower opening up to reveal its deepest colours, but even more so when those colours are mixed with fire and hatred. The rainbow is the perfect image of what love is like in the real world, as everything in this world blends together.


We all know that love brings a smile to a person’s face – a heart-warming thought and feeling. However, what many people struggle with is expressing their love in a way that brings long lasting positive effects for themselves and their loved ones. Love can encompass a wide range of positive and strong emotions, from the strongest personal trait or good practise, to the most sublime artistic expression, or the most enjoyable recreational activity. While love brings happiness and contentment, negative feelings such as anger, hurt and resentment also accompany it. It’s important to find balance between these two powerful forces in your life, and work towards a well-balanced relationship.

Love languages are an interesting way to express your feelings at a deeper level than words can. Many of us have certain ways we respond to and receive physical contact from our partners. For example, when we are touched emotionally by our partner’s embrace, our bodies make love noises – groans or sighs. If you want to really get into love, start exploring your partner’s physical touch, watch how they react to it, as well as how you react to it.

Physical contact can be one of the most powerful ways of communicating how you feel towards another person. So how do you know what your partner feels like when you touch them? Is there a specific rhythm to their touch that you can detect, or are their movements too random and intense to notice? Explore how they feel when you touch them differently, in love languages.

One of the best ways of expressing your romantic love is through the act of romance itself. Are you more creative when you kiss your significant other? Do you have more vivid memories of the experience than you do of the events that occurred before? This is an extreme example, but it is a classic way of getting into the right loving mood. So, if kissing is an extreme form of romantic love, isn’t holding hands an equally intense form of love?

Touching is not the only way of expressing love. You might find it difficult to let go of the physical aspect of it, but once you find a balance between the two – and in particular, between the physical touch and the emotional expression of love – you will be well on your way to discovering a whole new way of expressing love with your partner. There is nothing inherently wrong with being physical with your partner, but you will feel loved much more deeply if you don’t. And there is nothing wrong with letting your partner feel loved in return.

By adminkeren
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