Day: November 1, 2021

Intimacy – Focusing Your Attention on Your Emotions As Making Love

Making love is just another way of stating having sexual intercourse, although there's normally an implied meaning that making love only entails a kind of less intimate, less romantic, or spiritual sexual act. Many people who are making love understand the sexual act to be a romantic union between two willing participants. However, if two people simply make love, then that is also viewed by many people as just another form of love between them. It can be quite confusing, particularly for those who are not used to it. Making love and sex seem to be at odds with one…
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Emotional Connectivity is More Important Than Physical Activity in a Healthy Relationship

Love has been one of the strongest human emotions for thousands of years, yet surprisingly, it is surprisingly new to psychologists. We tend to think of love as a physical bond between two people - a union of the heart, mind and body that grows stronger with each day. Yet love goes further than this, affecting not just the physical union but also the inner and outer structures of the body, creating a whole structure that the body, mind and spirit eventually link to. This process takes place in a life-long process called'saintification', in which the spiritual substance of the…
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