Day: November 9, 2021

Is There Really Such Thing As Love?

Is There Really Such Thing As Love?Have you ever wondered what love is? Or do you know what love is, but feel confused and unable to convey your thoughts to someone else? Maybe you are afraid that expressing love might make someone not like you. Maybe you have always felt that love is difficult to describe or understand, but have no idea what it is really like. Well, I know you have questions about love and you asked yourself before if love is worth it. Hopefully, this article will help clear some things up for you. First, what is love?…
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Expressing Romantic Love Through Words

Expressing Romantic Love Through Words"I love you," said a man to his good friend, and they both laughed as they realised just what they had been trying to say. There was no mistaking what they were trying to say: love you is a great feeling that has absolutely no equivalents in the universe, and that is a great truth. Love you means different things to everyone. A platonic expression of fondness or strong interest in a friend, or a romantic gesture between lovers. But you require some specialist help. The correct translations for the English language are: "I love you…
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