Make Love on a Different Level – How to Connect With Your Partner

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Make Love on a Different Level – How to Connect With Your Partner

Making love may sound like it’s an innocent activity that simply happens to be the act of sexual intercourse between two individuals. This is only partially true, however. Making love is actually another means of saying, although there typically is an implied interpretation that making love only involves a particular kind of sexual act, romantic, intimate, or spiritual. Sex and dating coach explains why making love can actually be viewed as the most important activity of our lives.

In order for there to be a successful relationship, one needs to create an emotional bond with one’s partner. This bond is created by giving affection and attention and sharing our deepest thoughts and emotions with the individual. It doesn’t stop there. Even when two individuals make love, they are viewing the act as an expression of their love for each other, explains dating and sex expert, Amy Waterman.

After we make love for the first time, we begin to develop a deeper and longer relationship. This development takes place through our thoughts, emotions and physical connection with the other person. According to Waterman, we’re also more likely to remain committed to one another if we have a solid emotional connection to someone. In this connection, we have created a sort of inner connection that is visible to others. Without that inner connection, relationships often fall apart and marriages become less likely to last.

Although many find it very exciting and enjoyable to engage in physical intimacy, Waterman emphasizes that we must take the time to emotionally connect with the individual before we engage in sexual intimacy. The first time you meet a person, take the opportunity to get to know them. This will help you to form a bond because of the initial exchange of intimacy and sexual pleasure. Once you have formed a bond, your body will be more sensitive to the touch and you’ll likely desire to give more of yourself to the other person. In order to enjoy love making, you must be comfortable with your body and the person you’re making love to. This can be achieved through being very sensitive to the sexual parts of the body and avoiding the “fight or flight” response when you become aroused.

The next step in making love and connecting with the other person is emotional closeness. In this stage, you must be open to your partner’s thoughts, feelings, needs and wants. You must also allow yourself time to let these feelings and thoughts become part of you. Although some find it difficult to do this, keeping a journal can be a good way to do this. Writing about your partner’s dreams, positive experiences and thoughts can help you to stay connected emotionally.

Making love on a different level may seem strange and even scary at first, but being open and honest with one another can create an emotional connection that lasts. Once you have become comfortable with being intimate, you can slowly explore the deeper levels of intimacy. This can lead to an exciting, new and deep intimate relationship. The key to making love on a different level is making sure that your partner is comfortable with being vulnerable and expressing their needs and desires.

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