Intimacy – The Importance Of Pleasure

Making love is really another way of stating sexual intercourse, even if there’s typically an implied meaning that making love only involves a sort of less intimate, less physical sex. Making love has a lot more to do with emotions and mental responses to stimulation and it involves communication. While making love may involve the exchange of one form of value for another, it’s important to remember that the exchange itself is what’s important. The exchange of sexual energy is often very positive, although you may not always want to be physically present for that exchange.

making love

For the most part, you can make love in many different ways, but you always want to make sure that your physical and mental responses are in line with one another and with the desires of your partner. If you engage in lovemaking that doesn’t include one another’s full awareness, then you’re practicing passive lovemaking. You and your partner are experiencing this type of lovemaking when your minds are elsewhere and when your focus is solely on your own needs. When your awareness turns to the other person, you are engaged in active lovemaking, and that kind of mental and emotional intensity is very powerful and deeply meaningful.

Active and conscious making love allows you to share the joy and excitement of being with your partner. In fact, the more passionate you are about making love, the more you will be able to give pleasure to one another. If you find yourself in this type of lovemaking, then your excitement will build up as you become aware of the pleasure your partner is enjoying. This type of awareness will also increase your own pleasure as well, which means you’ll feel more connected to your partner.

Active making love involves communication between you and your partner. For this sort of intimate practice to be meaningful, you and your partner must be willing to let go of some of your individual physical needs. This does not mean that you need to sacrifice anything to be intimate with each other – it just means that you have to become more open and available to one another. This can be difficult, but once you learn how to be open to one another, intimacy takes on a whole new meaning.

Once you are open and available to one another, romance takes on a whole new meaning. The more romantic touches you make to your partner’s body during foreplay, the more romantic touch you’ll be able to provide when you’re making love. Remember to pay special attention to the physical needs your partner has and you will find your intimacy and romance will grow accordingly.

Remember that intimacy and romance are not separate things. Lovemaking can become even more exciting and memorable when you keep these things in mind when you make love. Learn how to be open to one another’s needs, and you’ll find that the quality of your lovemaking will rise dramatically. Also, remember that romance and pleasure do not have to be mutually exclusive; you can bring one thing into the equation without losing the other.

By adminkeren
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