I Love You And I Want To Spread The Love

Have you ever tried to love you partner unconditionally? How come you always ended up in arguments with them? Do you ever think that your partner may not love you as much as you love yourself? Are you afraid that you have left them out of your life? How do you get around this? The following are some questions for you to ponder upon:

love you

Love Is A Feeling This is a commonly used reason behind saying I love you. Basically it means expressing your feelings. Saying I love you means expressing your love through words and actions. Saying I love you means sharing your feelings and your thoughts with your beloved.

Love Is An Intention Another commonly used reason behind saying I love you is intention behind it. It signifies a feeling or a thought, that you have in mind. It is mostly manifested by saying to one another, “I love you” or “I am happy”. However, it can also be manifested by saying things like “I am sorry” and “I love you”.

Love Is A Word There are some people, who say “I love you” with out having any feelings in their heart. This is sometimes referred to as being “in the love affair” for a short period of time. However, after having had some experience with the said emotion, these individuals feel some kind of love for their partner. These love feelings usually last for three months, during which it is very common to fall into sleep sometimes. However, if this person does not fall into sleep on three months or more, they will not be able to sleep at night. These people, who fall into this category, should make efforts to fall into sleep regularly.

What Is The Purpose Behind Saying I Love You And? Love is said by so many people every day, yet only a few know what is it all about. To put it simply, it is an emotion, which is experienced when we are happy, sad, scared, tired, or bored. However, there are no reasons or intentions behind saying those three words.

If you are planning on using ‘I love you’ as your wedding theme song, it would be best to do so at the end of your reception. After your guests have departed, your best friend will be waiting patiently for you to say those three little words. Then, everyone will sing along to a classic love song, and remember that you were just saying those words out of the clear blue sky, in the presence of a perfect friend or your loved one. What better way to seal your wedding and your life together than with a song filled with pure love?

By adminkeren
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