Day: October 16, 2021

The Importance Of Love

"Love is a constant struggle". This love quote says it all when it comes to defining what love is. Love encompasses a whole range of positive and powerful emotional and spiritual states, from the deepest personal virtue to the most primitive form of physical pleasure. In order for love to have substance and meaning, love needs three essential ingredients: a commonality of interest, an emotional investment and a readiness to put effort into the relationship. Commonality of interest refers to the emotional bond between two people that transcends physiological differences and brings them together. When love is present, it often…
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What Do People Love About Romantic Love?

What Do People Love About Romantic Love?Have you ever wondered what does love mean? How do you know if you love someone? Is there really an answer to these questions? There really is an answer to your every question but it comes with using your common sense, some research and then giving love its personal meaning according to the persons you love. "Loving You" is a book written by American author Ruth P. Rauwolf in 1960. It is about early love and its various forms. To borrow from a famous song, it talks about how love hurts but the love…
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