Day: October 4, 2021

Successful People Have Loving Relationships

Love is the one word that I find most difficult to describe in modern English. For love encompasses a very broad range of both positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from total bliss, the highest personal bliss, to the lowest common everyday pleasure. Love is not only subjective, as our emotions filter through our consciousness to become conscious, but it is also objective in that what we experience is not something that happens inside of us, but outside of us. In its widest sense, then, love is a state of being, an inner state of harmony, balance, and well-being.…
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How Does Your Relationship With Your Guy Develop Over Time? Know the Signs That He Really Loves You

Have you just met someone and you are starting to think about getting into a relationship with them? This is definitely a good thing, but sometimes it can feel like love after the lust has worn off. On the other hand, did you realize that you can speed up the process of getting into a relationship? There are ways to do this and they all have one thing in common: focus.On average, studies have shown that men take on average three months to declare "I love you." While women take on average five months to declare their feelings for someone…
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