Intimacy Tips For Couples

Although there’s typically an implied connection that making love often involves some sort of sexual activity that is more intimate, non-sexual, or spiritual, making love isn’t actually an exclusively sexual act. In fact, making love has an element of spirituality attached to it since making love is often viewed as a direct expression of love that two individuals share. That’s why making love in relationships is often seen as a great way to express love.

making love

It has also been stated by a number of spiritual teachers that the oneness experienced during sexual intimacy is the one thing that connects lovers in a relationship. In other words, making love feels good. After making love and being shared together, couples feel connected to each other and their connection to the love of their life grows and deepens. This connection brings a level of peace and harmony to any relationship.

During physical intimacy, the heart chakra receives its highest vibration. The heart chakra relates directly to the physical connection between two people. As stated by another person, making love is like “falling in love”. In this case, both partners receive the same high spiritual vibration as they connect with each other through physical intimacy. Therefore, the spiritual component of the physical connection makes the emotional connection stronger than if it was for someone who lacks spiritual connection.

A common question asked by many people when it comes to making love is when do you let go of the desire to have a physical relationship? There are actually several answers to this question. One week before having sex with your partner, you can mentally imagine that the other person is in the same room or sitting in the same room with you. Imagine how much more relaxed you will be if you don’t have to think about another person at all.

One week after you make love to each other, you can visualize the other person in a different location. Visualizing the other person enables you to come into sync with her or him. With your emotional connection strengthened, you will be more apt to surrender to his or her will because you will feel emotionally connected to them on a much deeper level. This allows both you and the other person to experience a much more intense intimacy.

Another way to enhance the intensity of your intimate encounter is to ensure that there are no distractions. For some, this means not being intimate with your partner when you are both working, or when you both have things that you need to do. However, even the most focused person may not be able to last an hour or more when making love to someone who is not focused. When distractions are avoided, it is easier for one to stay present during love making, which increases the chance of reaching orgasm and makes love making more enjoyable.

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