Day: September 14, 2021

Making Love – Tips for Intimacy

Making Love - Tips for IntimacyMaking love isn't just about the physical act. It's also about expressing feelings, building intimacy, and creating a loving relationship. However, making love can be misunderstood by some as something sexual, when it really isn't. Making love doesn't always involve intercourse. When two people engage in making love, it is seen as an expression of their love for each other, as well as a way to learn more about themselves and discover what they are really attracted to. Foreplay and lovemaking should become a natural part of any romantic relationship. However, for many couples, the…
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Feelings of Love

We all experience love at some level, whether as lovers, friends, or lovers. However, what most people forget is that love is something that takes work. Love is actually a complex set of behaviors and emotions characterized by emotional intimacy, loyalty, passion, and devotion. It involves closeness, caring, support, loyalty, affection, and trust. Love can range from a light, "just so," to a completely encompassing, "I will never leave you," to a mixture of these. The way you experience love varies from one person to the next. One way you can experience love is through romantic love, which is often…
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