Day: September 17, 2021

Making Love Feel More Fun

Making Love Feel More Fun Although there's typically an assumption that making love means some kind of sexual activity that is more intimate, spiritual, or emotional, making love isn't really any different from regular sex. The only difference is that when two people make love, they view the act as an expression of devotion to each other, according to many experienced dating and sex educators. It's a relationship skill that can be used by both genders, and it doesn't take a lot of time or money to learn. In fact, it's very possible to teach it to someone of the…
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What Is Romantic Love?

What Is Romantic Love?Love is a broad spectrum of feelings and behaviors characterized by intense intimacy, romance, sharing, commitment, and caring. It typically involves emotional intimacy, caring, closeness, affection, trust, and purity. Love can range from light to extremely passionate love and may vary over time. Regardless of your experience with love, it is important to understand that love is the foundation for most human relationships and is most certainly present in all relationships whether you are involved in a romantic relationship, business relationship, friendly relationships, family relationships or other relationships. In romantic relationships love is one of the strongest…
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