I Love You – What it Means in Different Cultures

One question is dominating the minds of thousands of girls and women who are seeking answers to their questions, “Does my boyfriend love me?” Does your boyfriend really loves you? What happens when men do fall in love? If a boyfriend truly loves his girlfriend, then his actions should indicate it.

love you

Does saying I love you are the same thing? The answer is no! Saying it and doing it at the same time is not necessarily the same thing. In fact, saying it and doing it at the same time is commonly used in an attempt to express emotions and feelings towards someone else.

Some experts argue that saying I love you is only ever valid if it comes from a sincere internal intention behind the words or through an emotional investment. These experts believe that if the phrase is used habitually, it becomes an expression with no true meaning behind it. To test this theory out, simply say the phrase, “I love you” to your spouse several times. Then ask him/her, “Do you love yourself?” Based on the results, you can decide for yourself if saying the phrase sincerely is the intention behind it or if it’s a ploy to test the waters.

Love is a very broad term that covers a lot of complex emotions. While expressing love to another person, it is generally expected that the words used will have an internal feeling or emotion to it. For example, if your boyfriend tells you that you’re his best friend, this is most likely to be expressed as a sincere internal emotion. However, saying, “I love you,” is mostly used as an affectionate phrase where the sentiment behind it is only a little clear. The goal is to express feelings that are usually hidden under a veil of casual familiarity or even love at first sight.

Most of the time, when people say I love you, what they really mean is “I care about you.” This can either be a phrase to express admiration or sincere gratitude. Affection is a very broad term and can be expressed in ways that range from total respect to complete devotion. Saying it sincerely or with genuine regard is usually happens when a relationship has developed over a period of time, or it becomes the most natural way of communicating with each other.

In Chinese culture, the king is generally considered to be the “crowned head.” Hence, the saying I love you, from a Chinese perspective, would be I love you, or “I crown you the king of my heart.” Crowning King Charles is what the phrase means in English. I love you, or I crown you the king of my heart, is usually used between husband and wife when they say I love you to each other, but it can also be used between husbands and wives if they are trying to express their affection for each other in a more official way.

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