How To Experience Intimacy And Closeness

Have you ever met someone you loved and felt a deep connection? Has the chemistry between you and your partner enhanced over a period of time? Do you feel like you have fallen in love? If so, you are not alone. People experience love and share it with others all the time.


Love is a complex set of behaviors and feelings characterized by passion, intimacy, devotion, and commitment with someone you love. It includes emotional connection, proximity, trust, protection, compassion, affection, and sharing. Love can range from mild to extreme passion and intensity. It is often associated with an array of positive feelings, such as happiness, excitement, life fulfillment, and ecstasy. When shared between two people who love one another, love is one of the most fulfilling forms of relationship.

The experience of love differs between two people. For some, love is defined by deep affection and devotion that cannot be separated from their love for each other. For other people, love is only a passion. In this case, passionate love is not necessarily lost, but can also be comprised of a desire to possess a particular thing. Some people may have a deep affection for a pet, while others may have a strong desire to be a dog owner.

Love involves two elements: the desire and the ability to experience love. The desire refers to the idea of falling in love or being in love. The ability to experience love entails being able to feel intimate with another person.

People respond positively to attraction when it manifests itself in closeness and affection. Attraction is defined as the idea of meeting and attracting something specific to you. When you meet someone who has your exact compatible qualities, then you are likely to experience the attraction. The more you spend time with the person the more your physical attractions begin to manifest themselves in a physical form.

People are often unaware that they are in a relationship or even in a long term relationship with someone. This usually occurs when these feelings do not arise as expected. As with all relationships, there will always be some amount of attraction only. However, it is when these feelings begin to manifest themselves without proper attention that they become a problem. By learning how to experience intimacy with someone and learning how to cultivate closeness you can enjoy a more fulfilling and enjoyable relationship.

By adminkeren
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