How Do You Know If He Really Loves You? 3 Little Words That Will Tell You Exactly What He Feels

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How Do You Know If He Really Loves You? 3 Little Words That Will Tell You Exactly What He Feels

What does it really mean when somebody says, “I love you” VS. “I love you”? Some might think it’s a sign of some hidden or subconscious fear of commitment, while others might think it means nothing else but a random, careless, or loving nature. But do you really know what it means when somebody says, “I love you”? Here are some things you should know.

First, whether we realize it or not, to love someone is to feel great, whether it’s our own children, a best friend, or a family member. Being loved makes us feel good about ourselves-which is the opposite of feeling bad about ourselves (which is the opposite of loving someone). To love someone, you have to be themselves first; then you can fall in love with that person and begin to express all those wonderful feelings you’ve been suppressing or waiting for years to feel.

However, it’s important to remember that when you express those feelings to somebody else, the emotions must be expressed without thinking or pretense-or else those feelings will just fester and eventually burst into flames. It also has to do with the fact that expressing those feelings to someone else, especially someone you’ve never met, can at times feel very awkward, especially if they’re someone you really like or trust. So unless you’re in love with them first, expressing those feelings to them can be pretty nerve-wracking.

Then, there are those times when you’ve known that someone for a long time, but somehow, you feel that you just can’t say the ‘I love you’ when they’re standing right next to you. Maybe there’s been a lot of separations, and they’re spending most of their time with a new guy, so there’s nothing more to fall back on than the love you feel for them. But you just feel that you can’t express those feelings because of some ulterior motive, or you don’t want to rock the boat, or you feel inadequate because you’re not as good-looking or wealthy as they are. It’s understandable if you feel this way, but the thing is, you can still tell them that you love them and you’ll love them no matter what.

Letting go of those inhibitions is the number one thing you need to do if you want to know how to tell if he loves you (or, your best friend). If you want to be able to let him know that you love him without him feeling forced to reciprocate, then you need to allow him to say those three simple words- ‘I love you.’ This doesn’t mean you should lie to him or tell him a half-truth, just the truth. If he truly loves you, he’ll feel it through your touch and his voice, so make sure to hold it as close to the side of the truth as possible.

Three Little Words That Will Tell If He Loves You Have you noticed that when a guy says “I love you,” all he really means is that he feels like being with you, and that those three little words actually have him wrapped up in those feelings? How many men do you know that give this kind of truthful words out with any regularity? Chances are, none. So why do so many women think that they can do it when they’re with a guy? It has to do with their own insecurities about themselves-whether they’re pretty enough, whether they can please their man sexually and so forth. If you can tap into his emotions and reveal to him just how much he cares for you, then you can find out if he really does love you.

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