Is Physical Or Emotional Infidelity Committed?

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Is Physical Or Emotional Infidelity Committed?

Sometimes, when you are with a new partner and just wondering where it is going, you will begin to analyze the sexual aspect of the relationship. Is he emotionally connected to you, or does he just physically connect with you? Bottom line: Does it sex or making love? Here are the key differences.

When you are making love, your intimacy levels are very high. This is the time for deep emotions, personal revelation, and true sharing. You can feel the connection within the connection – this is a wonderful feeling! However, if this is all you are doing, your relationship is doomed. A relationship where you just bond via physical connections or physical intimacy is doomed.

Conversely, when you are with your partner in making love, the intimacy is low and the emotions are more apparent. Your connection with your partner is very obvious. Physical intimacy doesn’t have to be present in the connection to be present. This makes for a satisfying emotional connection in the relationship.

So which one is it? Physical intimacy can be one of the most important ingredients of the sexual act, but it is not the only one. Emotional connection is the heart of any relationship, which is what makes it a satisfying experience for both partners. When you are making love and you are connecting emotionally with your partner, the physical experience is secondary to this connection. The emotions that you experience are more powerful and more authentic because they are not attached to the action.

When you are in a relationship, emotions are sometimes detached from the physical experience. In this type of situation, the other person has a much greater say in how you experience those emotions. If you are in a situation where you are in the throes of a major conflict or crisis, then you need to be connected with your partner emotionally. It is impossible to move past these issues when they are not part of the connection. However, if they are part of the connection, then making love can happen much more freely.

The best way to move past these issues when making love to your partner is to be present with your emotions. You need to be aware of what you are feeling and why, so that you can be responsive to them. If you are in a place where there is more than one person involved in the relationship, it is even more important to be present with your partner’s feelings. Connecting with your partner in the early stages of the relationship will help them to grow as individuals and to create a stronger sense of intimacy.

By adminkeren
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