Intimacy – Making Love – Communicating – Part 2

Making love is an easy way to say, but there’s usually some implied meaning that making love actually involves some sort of sexual activity that is less intimate, innocent, or spiritual. Fortunately, when two individuals make love, it is viewed as a pure expression of love that explains why people who make love are often seen as loving couples. However, making love isn’t just about sex alone. The act of making love is actually one of the most important aspects of intimacy.

For instance, when two individuals make love in the context of physical intimacy, that act is seen as symbolic of the start of a relationship. It is the beginning of something very close to intimacy like sharing the day with another person, being intimate, and beginning a sort of partnership. In the same way, when two people make love on their own without any sort of relationship or emotional investment, that act is seen as symbolic of a casual relationship that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. Both people involved in that act just want to experience some sort of pleasure, without any real substance.

Sexual pleasure, however, is different than the sort of pleasure that occurs during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse involves an intense level of pleasure that can be compared only to the intensity of orgasm. When two individuals engage in making love, that act involves an experience that involves intense pleasure that can be compared only to the intensity of orgasm. So, making love requires an intimacy that is greater than simply physical pleasure.

Making love also involves an intimacy that requires communication. Communication, after all, is one of the most important components of any relationship. That’s because it allows you to become more aware of what your partner needs and wants from you. It allows you to become more aware of how they are feeling and what they are wanting. If there isn’t a good communication between the two of you, making love becomes a very uncomfortable exercise. And, if there isn’t a very good communication between you and your partner, making love becomes a very boring exercise.

However, making love requires that you engage in conversation as well. While sex is all about the physical connection, it is not enough to drive the other person wild. You still need to have meaningful conversations in order to get to know your partner. So, while you are making love, you really care about what your partner wants to hear from you and what they really care about. This is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind.

Finally, you need to understand that making love is something that requires an inner peace and a state of relaxation. While it is very easy to engage in physical intimacy as part of a relationship, that physical intimacy is not going to provide the happiness and the passion that you are looking for. You need to create feelings of emotional intimacy within a relationship or else you are going to end up feeling miserable. So, while you are making love, try to keep the emotions and the feelings of pleasure within. This will allow you to really discover what your partner enjoys and what he or she does not enjoy.

By adminkeren
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