“I Love You” When He Says It – How to Let Him Know That You Feel the Same Way

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“I Love You” When He Says It – How to Let Him Know That You Feel the Same Way

One thing I’ve noticed as I’m dating older men is that sometimes they say things like “love you” when they really mean “I want to f*ck you.” Does he say it over text or in person? Why would he say it over text when he actually means it? What did you guys say when he told you love you?

A lot of women have the same questions when they’re dating someone. Does he mean it when he says it or is he just saying it because he can? How do you know if it’s real or just the intent behind his words? Here are some examples of when men say love you and the answers you need to ask yourself:

– Is it really just the intent to say it? – Is it really just the intensity of his feelings for you? – Are you just too comfortable around him and saying whatever comes to your mind? – Do you think it’s a sign of his maturity? – Does he really love you?

In these examples, the guy is saying “I love you” when he’s really just saying “I am passionate about you.” He’s still experiencing strong emotions and isn’t able to fully process them when he says it to you over coffee. In the second example, though, he’s saying it out loud, which means that it’s not just the intensity of his feelings that’s motivating him, but the depth of his love for you that he’s speaking about.

It’s important to realize that often what men say about how they feel is not always true. Sometimes what men say is only their version of what they feel. Other times, he may be saying “I love you” to you in an overheated manner because he feels like he needs to say it to you. The thing about all of this is that it all comes back to how you treat him after a break up. If he truly loves you, he will feel like you’re treating him right and he will reciprocate in kind by being just as attentive to your needs as you are.

If he’s saying “I love you” to you every time you two are together, it’s time to either cut the verbal link or start treating him with more respect. If you are constantly showing him that you’re interested in him without even acknowledging it, then he isn’t feeling the same connection you are. Don’t fall into the rut of treating him like all women are at heart by saying the same thing every time you two are together. Instead, respect his feelings and give him what he truly deserves by letting him know that you feel those same things for him.

By adminkeren
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