Feelings of Love

We all experience love at some level, whether as lovers, friends, or lovers. However, what most people forget is that love is something that takes work. Love is actually a complex set of behaviors and emotions characterized by emotional intimacy, loyalty, passion, and devotion. It involves closeness, caring, support, loyalty, affection, and trust. Love can range from a light, “just so,” to a completely encompassing, “I will never leave you,” to a mixture of these.


The way you experience love varies from one person to the next. One way you can experience love is through romantic love, which is often described as enduring passion or sexual desire for another person. Romantic love involves emotional bonding and an intense form of caring. While this is definitely a wonderful and meaningful form of love, it does not last forever. After the initial passionate exchange, your feelings may start to fizzle out.

Another way to experience romantic love is through a sexual relationship. People in this situation fall in love much more quickly and are not only attracted to each other physically, but also emotionally. This type of relationship typically involves physical attraction and the sharing of intimate thoughts, ideas, and emotions. This type of relationship typically lasts for a short period of time. People in this situation tend to remain in this relationship for the duration of the courtship until they fall in love with one another romantically.

Then there are two basic types of non-romantic relationships. One involves closeness or a deep emotional bond without any desire to commit to someone else. This type of relationship usually lasts longer than a relationship that includes any sort of physical attraction or desire to commit. The second type of relationship is one that uses attraction or desire to commit but does not necessarily have the same depth or intensity as a romantic relationship. In this type of relationship, you are not always going to feel very connected to your partner.

There are people that fall in between these two states of being. In a casual relationship where there is no emotional attachment, you might feel attracted to another person on a subconscious level without any real effort on your part. However, this attraction and or feeling of attraction are not enough to create loving feelings and definitely are not going to keep you together in the long run. In this case, you would be more likely to fall in love with another person.

To sum it up, when one person feels love for another, this is usually referred to as romantic love. Romantic love is one type of emotion that lasts for a short period of time and then fades away. The other kind of emotion that happens after this is non-romantic love. This is normally deeper in emotion and has a much longer lasting quality.

By adminkeren
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