New Mothers’ Love You Through Their Poetry

In English, love you will have the power of an atom bomb or a magic spell: Love you is a verb that can mean “to love” and “feel loved”. The verb can also mean “to give affection”, “to befriend” and “to be loved”. If they are spoken very soon, the words can melt the heart or at least threaten to melt it. But what if they are expressed in only two words (te amote) or just one word (ah bi)? Even less than that (ah humbugs)? It is sad but true: When it comes to love you won’t find a single word that can replace the love you feel for yourself.

love you

However, there are several things that you could do in order to express your feelings towards another person. You can send him a flower, but that’s not very romantic. Besides, what good would flowers do when it comes to expressing your feelings towards a person whom you hardly know? A better choice will be to express your feelings towards him/her by means of poetry – that is, if you are sober enough. Poetry is mainly used to express sorrow, admiration or passion and usually expresses more than one emotion.

When you are composing a poem to express your feelings towards someone, keep in mind that the most important thing to be remembered is that you should express your thoughts and feelings honestly. The poet does not have to crown his/her head with flowers in order to show his/her true feelings towards a certain person. Sometimes a poet can choose to express his/her emotions towards one person, but mainly about one kind of person: That’s okay too; all that matters is that a poet has learned how to connect his/her heart to the thoughts of another person.

People who write poetry usually use the metaphor in order to express their meaning. A famous example is that of Jesus Christ. As you know, most of the Christian poets all over the world express their love towards Him using the image of a cross. The reason why this image is so popular is because it connects a poet to his/her topic – to Jesus Christ. If a poet wants to connect his/her heart to Christ, a cross is the best way to do that.

However, if we look at the case of most poets, they usually write about things that don’t really relate to any one person or topic. For example, one can express his/her feelings towards his/her mother without being reminded of her. Similarly, one can express his/her feelings towards other people without having to think about their names. Poets usually use language that most people use in everyday life. That’s why, if you really want to read great poetry, you should try reading poetry by people who are normal like you. By learning how they express their feelings, you’ll learn how to express your own emotions too.

In the third month of pregnancy, a new life is formed and the uterus expands. This causes a shift in the physical and emotional makeup of the mother. The body gets accustomed to the increased mass, which results in the uterus growing and expanding. This then causes an increased feeling of fullness and pressure around the stomach and lower back. Pregnancy usually happens in three months and it is during this period that you will be able to read about what new mothers feel like through their poetry.

By adminkeren
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