Intimacy – The Bonding Power of Making Love

Making love is an old fashioned way of saying, although there’s normally an assumption that making love usually involves a sexual form of intercourse which is more akin to love. People can get a wrong impression from reading about it. It’s actually quite the opposite. When two individuals make love, the sexual acts aren’t viewed as merely an expression of affection between them, but explains sexuality and relationship coach. Understanding the essence of it provides insight not only into the act itself, but also about the emotions that come with it.

making love

There is a term that describes the sexual act: coitus. It’s Latin, so the root word is “co” meaning “to join.” When you make love with your partner, you’re actually joining your minds, bodies, spirits, and lives together in a physical connection. This physical connection may be one of the most powerful connections between two people in their lives and if this physical connection isn’t shared and enjoyed, it can lead to a disconnection from your own individuality.

One of the first steps to enjoying your own sexuality is to experience the joy of making love with your partner. A great time for this kind of pleasure can be found in casual sex. It’s important to understand that when you talk about “making love,” you often speak in terms of physical aspects of the act. However, it’s also about creating a mental connection between your minds, bodies, spirits, and relationships. By talking more about the mental aspects of the experience, you’ll create a deeper bond with your partner.

Making love doesn’t just mean having sex. In fact, although many people think of it as the ultimate physical intimate moment, it’s actually a time where you two share information about yourselves that usually remains within the mind, body, and spirit. By opening up to one another about your own needs, desires, and dreams, you can create an atmosphere of deep connection and spiritual growth.

One of the keys to loving intimacy is to make love-making accessible. When you’re holding a romantic candlelit dinner with your partner, you don’t need to do a lot of heavy lifting or talking to engage both of you. Rather, you can enjoy the silence and the warmth of the candlelight as you relish the taste of your partner’s food and laugh with them about the silly political events that may happen while they’re abroad on business. This kind of lightness can be incredibly calming, and it helps to establish a feeling of well-being and relaxation. This calmness can carry over into all parts of the relationship, whether it’s physically intimate or emotionally intimate.

It’s also important to remember that sex is merely a physical connection. You two aren’t making love when you massage your partner or hold them tight in bed. Sex is there to stimulate you and give you pleasure, but it’s also there to connect you with another person in an intimate way. That connection is key to making love, even if you’re engaging in “safe” sexual activity. Even if the sexual act doesn’t necessarily produce the desired effect, it will provide a sense of connection and safety that can create an emotional bond.

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