Intimacy – Why it is Important to Express Yourself Through Your Love Making

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Intimacy – Why it is Important to Express Yourself Through Your Love Making

“They say that making love means different things to different people.” This, unfortunately, find quite offensive as it means that there is any kind of sexual activity involved in making love. Also, making love is almost always used as an implied definition of’sex’ even though that’s not necessarily the case. Making love, like intercourse, is one of the many senses that many people use when they refer to sex. So, just what is it?

The term’making love’ can mean many things and can be used in a variety of different contexts. In general, however, it typically indicates that the actions involved are of an intimate nature. That is, the actions involve the physical contact of two people with one or more sexual intimacies or attractions. If this is done in a safe, non-intimate setting then it is referred to as ‘adultery.’ When it is done in a relationship that is intimate and often more meaningful than a simple physical encounter, then it is referred to as’spending time together.’

When we speak of making love, we are talking about many things beyond the actual physical act of having sex. It is often the byproduct of sharing one another’s thoughts, hopes and dreams, feelings, needs and wants. To a certain extent, it is a way of letting down one another with our communication and physical responses to one another. This is especially true in a relationship where one another has much to share and much to learn from one another.

In fact, many of us speak of lovemaking as a conscious act or perhaps as a desire to fall in love, depending on our own particular circumstances and experiences. When you are in a committed relationship, it may be expected that you will have regular lovemaking. However, if you are just beginning to date and are still single, then you are likely to go into lovemaking without any sort of expectation of commitment. If you are a couple and you feel the two of you share much of the same passions then you may be thinking of making love more as an expression of your emotions than an act for the purpose of procreation. Again, this is an experience shared by many couples.

One important thing to keep in mind when you are making love is that there should be an emotional connection developed prior to physical contact. It is easy to be too focused on the physical without considering the mental and emotional connections that are equally important. Physical intimacy can be the means to an emotional connection, but it is not necessary for making love. In fact, the longer a person makes love only to get the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from their partner without connecting emotionally, the less likely they are to continue down this path. So, it is important to be attentive to how you make love in order to create the kind of emotional connection that is going to lead to other important things.

You should try to think about how you would like to make love if you were experiencing all of these feelings at once. Consider what would make you feel satisfied. If you are already in love, then these feelings will be even more intense and meaningful because you have reached a new level of intimacy. However, if you are starting out dating and you do not yet know if you will ever find romance or not, then you should start with the basics and work your way towards more intense and meaningful feelings by making love.

By adminkeren
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