The Secret to Healthy Relationships

Love is a broad spectrum of all positive and negative emotional states, from absolute joy and bliss, the strongest personal spiritual trait, to the lowest basic bodily pleasure. It is the state of complete and utter goodness, regardless of our wants or needs. To love is to be pleased at the simple pleasure of being made in the image of God. To love is the very essence of our being. The greatest and most difficult of our tasks on this earth are all made possible by love.


Love is so powerful that even when it is not expressed it still exists in the hearts of all living things. In fact, love may be defined as the subjective or personal sense of desire to want something more out of another person’s life. It is often accompanied by a deep yearning for that additional quality or attribute – companionship, safety, enjoyment, intimacy, acceptance, approval, etc. This yearning often takes the form of a constant yearning to be more like or have more of what another person seems to have already.

Love expresses and manifests our yearnings for each other, so it is also a powerful way of bonding with another person. The bond of love means there is no difference between the two people in terms of their sexual desires, their status in society or their education. Although sexual differences exist and should be respected within a relationship, there is no requirement that the relationship should be exclusive.

Even in long-term relationships where lust and love are not considered a part of the relationship, there can still be a strong bond. Many marriages exist between two people who have a strong lust for one another but who also have a strong love for one another. In fact, many marriages are based upon these strong feelings that two people share. Marriage, although founded upon lust alone, is actually founded upon a deep, emotional love for each other. This is the foundation for a long-term relationship because the foundation is built on feelings, and those feelings are what make a marriage stand the test of time.

Successful people take the time to communicate their emotions and, as a result, they create meaningful bonds with those around them. The bonds created through communication and true love are unique to each couple. This unique quality of each couple creates an environment that allows them to grow together rather than against each other. Communication is the beginning of any successful relationship and if this step is not taken, then the relationship will end up as a failure.

True love means you need to let go of the need to control your partner. The need to control your partner is often what leads to unhealthy relationships and is often what prevents people from being in healthy relationships. Love doesn’t always come easy and should be experienced by both partners in order to experience the kind of love that is possible between each other. In fact, there is such a thing as a healthy love, and it exists when both partners are willing to let go of their need to control each other and truly give into the love that each person feels for the other.

By adminkeren
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