How Do You Say Love – It’s Not Always About the Words?

Did you just hear your boyfriend say “I love you”? Doesn’t that make you MAD that he said that over chat? Why would you say that over the chat now when he said it several times over chat? So many people had been asking themselves the same questions after hearing that the man they have been seeing for nearly 9 months had finally said that he loves them.

love you

The problem is, he probably did not mean it this way. He is only human and makes mistakes. Human nature is that he may be trying to communicate something other than the emotional kind of words to you. Love has a different meaning for everyone. The emotions behind the words are real and can be quite powerful. For example, when you talk about love, do not automatically assume that it means that the relationship has progressed to the next level.

Love has a lot more to do than that. True love is when you find comfort in someone else. It is when you know that one another is strong enough to keep up with your strong-willed needs and emotions. True love is when you are satisfied with the one you share a life with. When one another is in tune with who they are in this moment in time, it is true love.

The problem was when your boyfriend was talking about the love you feel for another person and did not mean that he felt those same feelings for you. He did not use the language of romance. This is because for men, it is more comfortable to talk about physical feelings and emotions. Women usually prefer to discuss romantic love or lust instead of talking about the emotional kind. Men have to get past this so that they can truly fall in love with a woman and they cannot get past their own emotions and need to remain independent in the relationship.

You can say love when you are truly feeling it when you are in the presence of a loving partner and friend. You cannot say love, if you are afraid of being hurt by the other person. You have to speak from a place of love and a place of safety. If you want to say love to another person, then you have to let your intentions be known first and foremost. If you have the intention behind the words, then all will follow naturally.

The thing is, you do not always have the opportunity to sit down and talk about your true feelings for another person. There are times when children are involved and you just do not have the time to devote to long-term relationships. The advice I would offer in this situation is to give your child space. Allow him/her to do what is right and to have the ability to grow without interference. Giving a child space will allow the time to develop their own identity and their own feelings about being a part of a family unit.

By adminkeren
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