Is Love Made by Making Love?

Making love is quite literally another way of saying “to me you belong”. However, there is often an implied meaning that making love only involves a sexual form of intimacy, which is more intimate, non-verbal, or sexual. That is why many of us find it hard to understand, especially when we are first learning how to engage in love making. Sex and love coach explain sex and love making in an effective manner that can help you understand yourself better and discover new ways of loving that will make your relationship deeper and more fulfilling.

making love

Love making is an expression of deep emotional feelings toward one another. Love means different things for different people but it typically involves sharing physical intimacy with one another. The physical act is seen by many as an expression of affection between them, reflects romanticism and sexuality, and explains the relationship and sex therapist. It is a powerful connection between two people – often described as a connection through physical feelings. Love making involves sharing physical feelings, which is why it is often described in terms of power, tenderness, bonding, or passion.

There are several components to lovemaking. Intimacy is the first component of lovemaking. In this kind of intimacy, one or both partners give vent to their creative energy and emotions. Intimacy is a unique, private sanctuary wherein partners explore their most deeply held, personal emotions and dreams. Intimacy in this form often reveals a partner’s most inner desire and serves as a model for building mutuality and intimacy.

Pleasure is closely linked to feelings. When you are making love, your body may feel the desire to have sex, release tension, release pent-up emotions, release negative thoughts, release anxiety, etc. While all these may happen at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive. This may not lead to either one of you feeling “comfortable enough” to enter “the bedroom,” but it certainly can enhance the desire to do so.

Intimacy is the physical act of making love. It is often considered the very core of a relationship because it is the very exchange of intimate physical feelings. And while physical intimacy itself has its own feelings and desires, these feelings are not mutually exclusive from one another. In fact, when intimacy between two people fades, that person often feels devalued, unloved, unwanted, unappreciated, depressed, lonely, etc.

Mutuality and intimacy go hand in hand. By learning more about your partner, you can learn to share your intimate thoughts and desires with your partner. In this way, both of you are strengthened and your relationship grows by leaps and bounds. You can strengthen your bonds of intimacy by understanding your partner’s needs, desires, and even dreams. This understanding brings to the surface the base of your relationship – your partner’s deepest feelings – and this helps to eliminate the need for making love solely within the confines of the bedroom.

By adminkeren
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