Three Months – Is That Really The Best Time To Use “I Love You”?

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Three Months – Is That Really The Best Time To Use “I Love You”?

Have you ever found yourself in love with someone but lost track of where you were within the emotion? Or did you get so caught up in loving that you lost sight of how you truly felt? Love involves a wide spectrum of positive and negative emotional states, from an ultimate transcendent good or spiritual trait, the highest personal spiritual level, to the easiest personal pleasure. It’s easy to slip into a state of love with someone but harder to maintain the same state when the love is no longer present.

When you fall in love for the first time, your feelings are so pure and powerful that you experience them as true joy. However, your joy is only sustained if the other person who is in your life is also experiencing the same level of pleasure and happiness. If they’re not, then you’re separated from them, and from your feelings of love.

To bring yourself back to livability, try this simple trick before saying, ‘I love you.’ What you want to do is imagine how you would feel if the other person were already your partner. Think about what it would be like to spend every day with that person and to grow intimate with him or her. Now, replace your thoughts about love with those feelings. See yourself as deeply in love as possible; acknowledge the love you feel for the other person; and then let the other person come to feel it with you.

So the next time you say, ‘I love you,’ try to shift your attention onto your spouse or partner. Instead of imagining the other person as being in love with you, imagine yourself spending every day with your partner. See yourself as deeply in love as possible; and then let the other person come to feel it with you. It can help you to shift your focus toward the other person in your life so that you can begin to feel love for them, too.

When you are thinking about how to impress her or him or else who you are dating, use the same technique in these three months. After all, this is the three months that you have to use to get to know him or her. Start the conversation by telling her or him a little about yourself. Then take things from there. Make sure that you are focusing on the good qualities about the other person rather than about the bad characteristics.

You know what? This strategy works the best if you are actually thinking about falling in love. If you aren’t, it isn’t going to work for you. But if you are really interested in feeling something deeper than just lust, then you will find it does work. And if you are doing it with someone else, then you will know why saying, ‘I love you’ to that person three months out is a great way to impress that special someone.

By adminkeren
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