The Characteristics of Making Love

Many of us will have sex with someone who is not our partner – whether it be a drunken hook up, a friend with benefits, or even sex with our new crush. This kind of sex has very little romance and is often simply about satisfying the physical urges.

However, there are people who enjoy sex on a regular basis with a person they truly love and care about. This type of sex is called making love. Unlike having sex, making love involves not just gratifying the sexual desires of the couple but also focusing on their emotional and spiritual needs. In this article, we will be exploring the major characteristics of making love and how it differs from having sex.

When a man wants to make love to you, he will take great time and care in the way he touches your body during intimacy. He will not just focus on your genitals, but he will kiss and caress your arms, legs, chest, and back as well. He will not talk about work or unrelated topics during this time – he is totally focused on the experience you are sharing together.

He will lavish you with compliments during intimate moments, telling you how beautiful, desirable, and loved you are. He will also verbalize his desire for you, which further communicates that he is into you and wants to make love to you.

This is when he is paying attention to her and making sure that you are satisfied throughout the whole experience. He will pay special attention to her clitoris and ejaculate slowly and carefully so that she does not get too excited or start ejaculating prematurely. He will also take his time to gently penetrate her, which is important in order to give her the pleasure she needs and deserves.

He knows how to please her and will often play with different ways of doing things in order to surprise and delight her. He will use various pressure and speeds to see what she likes best and he will try to vary this as much as possible. He will not be afraid to take it slow and steady if that is what she prefers.

In some cases, he will take over the entire experience and do everything for her, which can be an amazing feeling for her. However, he will also ask her for feedback to see if he is on the right track or if there are any areas that need improving.

It is important to remember that making love is not sex, but a loving and sensual connection between two people. This may include sexual acts but it can also be non-sexual and encompasses the entire relationship. This can be a great way to deepen your bond with your partner and increase the satisfaction you both feel during intimate moments. By prioritizing making love over having sex, you can elevate your sexual experiences and your relationship to new heights.

By adminkeren
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