Day: May 2, 2024

Making Love Vs Having Sex

Traditionally, the term “making love” has been used to describe romantic sexual intercourse between two people who have feelings for one another. It is different from sex because it involves an emotional attachment as well as physical intimacy. In many cultures, it is also considered a ritual of courtship and a sign that a woman and man have reached a level of mutual intimacy. While many couples have both making love and sex, it is important to understand the difference so that you can be intentional about your sexual experiences and communicate clearly with your partner.While having sex can be…
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5 Definitions of Love

Love is one of the most profound emotions in our lives. It is the inspiration behind many songs, novels and movies, but it’s also a complex emotion that can mean different things to people. While everyone’s definition of love may be different, there are a few basic principles that can help you understand what it truly means to love someone. 1. Love is a feeling that combines emotions, physical sensations and behavioral expressions.Love encompasses a wide range of feelings, emotions and attachments that can all occur simultaneously. It can be a combination of feelings like compassion, excitement, admiration and jealousy,…
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