Making Love – The Difference Between Having and Making Love

A lot of people think that sex is just about sexual pleasure, release and gratification but a more accurate way to describe the experience is to say you’re “making love.” Make love is much more than a physical connection. It’s about a deep emotional connection, affection and shared bond between caring lovers. Often times this can involve talking and cuddling but it’s also about kissing, massaging, stroking and even oral sex.

When two people are making love, they will often talk in bed about their feelings and how they can deepen the emotional intimacy of the relationship. They will often share intimate secrets and things they’ve never told the other before. They may even talk about the past and what drew them to each other in the beginning. These conversations can be very arousing and will strengthen the emotional bond between them.

Many times when you’re in the midst of a passionate, intense sex session it is easy to confuse sex with love making. This is why it’s important to focus on the emotional intimacy as well as the physical in order to be really making love. The best way to tell the difference between sex and love making is to pay attention to what’s being said. For example, if a man is growling out words during the intercourse then they are probably having sex but if they’re whispering sweet nothings to each other then they are likely making love.

It’s also important to pay attention to the body language and the way your partner is touching you during the intimacy. For example, if your partner is stroking you all over the body then they are probably making love but if they’re just using their fingertips to run across your skin then they might be having sex. Another way to determine the difference is to watch the way your partner kisses you during the act. If they’re kissing you with their tongue then they might be having sex but if they’re kissing you on your forehead and cheeks then they are probably making love.

Some people who have wild sexual escapades in their lives can have incredible sex but can’t seem to find true, lasting love in their relationships. It’s not because they have a hard time getting aroused and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t good at making love but it’s because they are missing the emotional element that’s necessary for a true, fulfilling love.

In order to truly love someone you need to be willing to let yourself be loved and to give yourself completely to the other person. It takes a certain amount of trust and vulnerability to do this but when you do, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. There is no greater satisfaction than a true, loving relationship and that includes amazing sex and incredible love making. It’s the kind of love that lasts and it can help you to overcome any challenges in your life.

By adminkeren
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