Day: February 6, 2024

I Love You, But How Do You Know If It’s True?

The complexities of love aren’t always easy to decipher. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, passionate or companionable, it may seem like something that is out of your control—but in reality, there are strategies you can use to cultivate it. One of the most important is being mindful about how you choose to act, especially when you’re in crisis or conflict with your partner. You may also want to work on building trust, emotional intimacy, and a strong sense of security in your relationship.Despite the many myths and misconceptions about what love is, psychologists have determined that there are three biologically…
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Making Love – The Difference Between Sex and Lovemaking

For many couples, the desire to make love in the bedroom is a top priority. While sex is often the focus of discussion and the focus of sexual intimacy, making love is something that can be a much more emotional experience. It is a goal that can be a challenge for couples, and it is important to understand what makes lovemaking different from sex.While the difference between having sex and loving each other can be blurry at times, there are a few key differences that can help to distinguish between the two. One of the most significant differences is that…
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