How to Write About Love

Love is the reason you forgive your partner for their bad habits, commit yourself to a creative project, or root for your favorite sports team. It’s also the reason you want to win a client’s business and make them happy, or work hard for your children’s future. You even feel love for your pets! Love is such a powerful emotion, and there are many different perspectives on the meaning of it.

For centuries, people believed that love arose from the heart. Now, however, researchers have discovered that it actually starts in the brain. In fact, when you fall in love, your body releases a jumble of chemicals, including dopamine (pleasure), adrenaline (fight or flight), and norepinephrine (alertness). This chemical cocktail is what gives you that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling, flushed cheeks, sweaty palms, and weak knees. It’s what makes you want to call or write the person you’re in love with, and it’s the reason your heart skips a beat when they walk into a room.

In addition to romantic love, people can have love for their parents, siblings, and friends; their pets; or a spiritual connection. Most scholars agree, however, that the love you feel for a spouse is the most common type of human love. It is also the type of love that leads to marriage, and it is considered one of the happiest stages in life.

It’s no surprise that there are so many different ways to express love. Love can be expressed through actions, words, and gestures, or it can be felt in the way that a person looks at you. People in love may even start to look at the world with new eyes, finding things that they previously didn’t enjoy as much. This can be a great thing, but it’s important to remember that you should only do the things you truly want to do.

When you write about love, it’s important to stay away from melodrama and over-the-top emotions. Otherwise, your essay will sound sappy and untrue. This is especially true if you’re writing about being in love or falling out of it. Instead, try to be more objective and focus on specific characteristics that make your love unique. For example, if your crush’s habit of checking Instagram at lunch drives you crazy, this is something you can include in your essay.

You can also write about how love has impacted you personally and professionally. For example, you can write a poem about your crush or compare them to a special object, like a sunset, a rainstorm, or a flower. Or, you can write about a famous person who has exemplified love through their actions. This is a great way to show that you can take a holistic approach when writing about love.

By adminkeren
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