Love You More Than a Movie With a Happy Ending

love you

Love you (or love, luv or lovi) is an expression of affection in many different languages. The word is used in a variety of ways, and may refer to platonic or romantic love, love between family members, friends or a significant other. Love may also have religious or spiritual meaning. The concept of love is a complex and enduring one, and is sometimes difficult to define.

It’s important to remember that love, unlike most other emotions, is a choice. Often, when we feel love for someone, it is because we choose to do something in return. That is why it is crucial to spend time doing the things that make you happy, and with people who make you smile. Laughing with friends, spending time outdoors and donating to charity are just a few of the many ways to express love.

When it comes to expressing your feelings, it’s always best to do what feels right for you and the person you are in a relationship with. However, if you find yourself having trouble saying those all-important words, it’s worth checking in with yourself to understand what it is about the person that makes you want to say it.

Some people are naturally cautious when it comes to expressing their feelings, especially if they’ve been hurt in the past or come from a culture where saying those magical three words isn’t as common. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t in love, just that they may be waiting for the right moment to share their feelings.

While studies have shown that men tend to be quicker to express their feelings, there is no clear cut answer as to when it’s appropriate for women to say those all-important words. What’s more, some studies have even been criticized for relying on cisgender and heterosexual relationships, and failing to fully explore the experiences of transgender and nonbinary individuals, as well as gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

In the end, love is much more cinematic than a film with a happy ending, and can be found in the small moments, like when your partner hears you coughing in the middle of the night and stumbles to bed to bring you water, or when they drop their sun-drenched vacation plans to stay by your side when your parents are ill. It’s about sacrificing and choosing your loved ones above everything else.

And while it is hard to define, true love is something we should all seek out, and strive for, as part of a happy life. So this Valentine’s Day, tell those you love that you do, and make sure to show them the same. Because love isn’t easy, but it is beautiful, and worth fighting for.

By adminkeren
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