5 Things to Consider When Writing an Essay About Love


Love is a wide-ranging emotion and can encompass a range of different feelings and experiences. It can be hard to define, and it can often feel very abstract. But there are several things you can do when writing an essay about love to make it a little more human and realistic.

1. Think about a time when you felt very deeply in love with someone. This could be a significant person in your life or a person that you have a special connection with, such as your parents, siblings, or pets.

During this time, you probably soaked up all of the attention and affection that you could get from that person. You may have cried uncontrollably, sucked in every last bit of their love, and felt like your heart was going to burst. You may have been exhausted by the amount of love that you felt for them, but it was worth it, because at the end of the day you still loved them and thought they were a good person.

2. Consider the way that love can change over time and evolve.

When you are in love, it’s a feeling that can expand and contract and deepen over time, as long as you keep the relationship healthy. It will also fluctuate, sometimes ebbing and flowing and other times becoming more intense and mushy-gushy, but it’s always there.

3. Take a look at the ways that love can shape your outlook on the world around you.

Whether it’s your parents, siblings, or friends, love can influence the way you view the world and your place in it. It can shape your outlook and help you see things from a different perspective, making it easier for you to understand other people’s views and opinions.

4. Consider the ways that love can affect you emotionally and physically

When you are feeling deeply in love, your brain releases a huge amount of dopamine into your bloodstream. This is similar to the effects of drugs that reduce pain and euphoria.

5. In addition to causing the release of dopamine, romantic love can stimulate certain areas in your brain that are used to feel good.

A study by scientists at Stony Brook University in New York state found that a group of people who were madly in love had a surge of activity in their caudate nucleus, which is part of the brain’s reward system. They also saw an increase in the activity in another area of their brain called the ventral tegmental area, which is used to process emotions and cravings.

6. Consider how love can impact your life positively or negatively

The way that you feel about your loved one will have an impact on your entire life, so it’s important to explore the ways that you can incorporate their love into your everyday. You can do this in a variety of ways, including by spending more quality time with them or by doing activities that will make you feel cherished and cared for.

By adminkeren
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