Day: February 23, 2023

5 Things to Consider When Writing an Essay About Love

Love is a wide-ranging emotion and can encompass a range of different feelings and experiences. It can be hard to define, and it can often feel very abstract. But there are several things you can do when writing an essay about love to make it a little more human and realistic. 1. Think about a time when you felt very deeply in love with someone. This could be a significant person in your life or a person that you have a special connection with, such as your parents, siblings, or pets. During this time, you probably soaked up all of…
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What Is Love?

Love is a powerful emotion that can be evoked by any number of people. It can be romantic, but it's also found in the affection that you feel for friends, parents, siblings and even your pets. Psychologists and researchers disagree on the exact definition of love, but most agree that it is a fundamental human feeling that reflects our biology. In fact, studies show that romantic love is a survival drive similar to hunger and thirst, and that we are born with a "love language" that expresses this need for others. In general, people who experience romantic love do so…
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