Day: October 23, 2022

The Concept of Love

The concept of love has many facets. Some accounts of love are more reductionist than others. Others are evaluative, valuing one thing above another. Still others, such as the romantic approach, are a mixture of both. Regardless of the definition of love, the basic idea of love is to find and appraise something of value. In the beginning, people who are in love may feel silly and careless. They may want to commit to one another and start a family. They might even want to help each other as they build a career. But ultimately, love is about friendship, respect,…
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How to Say “I Love You”

Love is a positive emotional and mental state, and encompasses a range of experiences. It can be a sublime virtue or good habit, or a deep interpersonal affection. It can also be as simple as a pleasant feeling. Here are a few examples of love. The most common and obvious one is the desire to make someone happy. A person who loves you will show patience and respect for you, and will not pressure you to be with them. But if they're not committed to a relationship, there's a good chance they won't love you in the same way. So…
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