Day: October 3, 2022

Making Love Easier

Making love is not as cut-and-dry as it may seem. Every person has their own ways of expressing their emotions, seeking connection, and establishing intimacy. If you're deeply in love with someone, you will want to make love in ways that express how you feel. But there are some things you can do to make love easier on yourself and your partner. One way to make love is to give your partner the emotional and mental attention she deserves. Sex can be an expression of love, but making love is a more intimate, emotional experience. You and your partner can…
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Love Is a Complex Emotion

Love is a complex emotion. It is too varied to be summed up in a single emotion, say Pismenny and Prinz (2017). But we can still draw some generalizations about love. The most obvious is that love is a deep, profound experience that transcends the ordinary experiences of life. Love is an emotion that involves giving and taking. It is not something that can be accumulated, but must be shared. It is the only way to reclaim love. Being vulnerable can help you trust that your partner will not use your flaws against you. Love begins with positive feelings and…
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