Love You Irrefutably

Love means different things to different people. For some, love means a connection with another human being with whom they share many of their intimate thoughts and emotions. For others, love is a feeling or an emotion that arises from a connection with a particular person – usually a spouse, partner, child, or friend. Regardless of whether you call your love “love” or “intimate relationship love,” it is still the fundamental bond between two human beings that sustains all other relationships.

love you

The first step in saying I love you deeply is to truly say those three words out loud to yourself. Repeat the words over in your mind until they become embedded in your consciousness. Once you have created this intention behind your words, you can now move on to learning how to use them in a way that will generate positive outcomes. Here are three words that can help you create this intention behind your words:

The affection, intimacy, and understanding. When saying I love you, these are really three words that can stand for so many different things. You could be talking about your best friend, your husband, your mother, or your best friend’s daughter. Each of these girls represents someone whose love can be unconditional. You would be expressing your deepest possible feelings for each girl, if you said I love you with these three words one time each and every day.

The next step to developing this loveability is to say it with as much warmth and genuine feeling as possible. You should really feel as though you ‘love’ her. This is not a superficial form of sentiment; it is deeply rooted in your core value system and will impact every aspect of your relationships for the rest of your life. When you are truly saying I love you, your heart beats faster. Your smile broadens, and your voice cracks with emotion. Each time you do this, you are really saying I love you to yourself, your friends, and all those who love you.

The third step to loving you is to repeat it as often as possible, and to do so with the conviction that it is your sincere belief. If you cannot bring yourself to repeat it a hundred times, at least say it out loud when you are thinking about her. Your first time saying I love you through these three steps is powerful evidence that your loveability is irrefutable! Your sincere belief that this is what you feel for her is the very basis of what it means to you.

The fact that your expression of feelings is so powerful usually happens because you have made a profound vow to love you above all others, and you have been following that vow since you were a child. When you are young, you are usually so utterly amazed by the words I love you; your heart overflows with such love and desire. As you get older, it seems that your expression of love is usually motivated by the thought that you will one day see your partner again or will hear of someone else love her as you do. When you finally come to realize that you will never again see or hear of anyone else who loves you as you do, then you understand that your love is irrefutable, and your vow is truly yours.

By adminkeren
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