Inspirational Love Quotes For Men That Make You Want to Fall In Love With Her

Before he said those words to you, did any of your boyfriends have a few different boyfriends telling him how much they loved him? And every single one of those boyfriends had said a nice love you to him before he went on with his own. And then off went the next day with both of them saying that same love you to each other.

love you

Now then, you might think to yourself, well those were some great love quotes that my boyfriends used to say to me. You would be very surprised. However, when that same man said those same love quotes to me after he broke up with me, it seemed like there was something missing. It seemed as if the love wasn’t quite as strong as it had been in the past when he was showing love to me. So I went on my own mission to find love quotes for men that really make a difference and found the answer.

My first love quote that I found was from a book called “The Tao of Mastery” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This is a very old work that were written over forty years ago, but it’s advice is still just as good, and in my opinion, much more relevant today than it ever has been. This book teaches you the true power of love and gives you the blueprint to creating and building true love into your lives. And speaking of “making a difference,” one of the main concepts of the book that comes from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Tao of Mastery” is that love only grows and multiplies when it is used in a constructive way.

This is where the true love quotes come in. After reading this book, I came to realize that the most powerful love quotes for men are those which encourage you to be a better lover. It turns out that what really made love last was not all that physical chemistry between two people, it was the belief and the courage to actually apply what we were saying in our love quotes.

Another example of powerful love quotes for men is “When was the last time you laughed with your wife? Did you see her laugh at you?” Now this isn’t just some crazy love quote from a chick movie, it’s a very good reminder to get your family involved with you and spending time with you as often as possible. This really enforces the idea that you don’t have to be a great dinner speaker to be a loving and devoted husband or boyfriend.

Another thing that I found when reading through the books and blogs dedicated to love quotes for men was that they were written with the guys in mind. Most of the funny love quotes for men were written by women. Which makes sense, because no woman wants a guy who’s too afraid to fall asleep in front of her. When you fall asleep with her, you’re more likely to fall in love with her because you enjoy spending time with her. So instead of writing your own quotes about how much you want to fall in love with her read the ones women have said already.

By adminkeren
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