Love You in 3 Months – Expressing Your Love Made Easy!

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Love You in 3 Months – Expressing Your Love Made Easy!

The power of love is vast, but not all that easy to translate into action. Love is sometimes hard to recognise, much less put into practice. However, as any religious practitioner will tell you, love is the most important aspect of human life. Love encompasses a broad spectrum of positive and negative emotional and mental states, from childhood blissful ignorance, to the strongest personal trait or greater social purpose. The strength of love is often misunderstood, especially by those who are the least vulnerable to its corrosive effects.

The experience of love is an intensely personal one; although love is mostly used to express feelings, it is also experienced as a process that affects the entire world. Love involves a readiness to share with others, an ability to make sacrifices for them and an ability to feel deeply about what they have chosen to share. In terms of the expression of love, there is a wide variety. It can be expressed through words such as “I love you” and “I care about you” or through acts of generosity such as paying the price for someone’s pain or providing a shoulder to cry on. It is the ability to place the feelings of another in the same context as one’s own, without abandoning one’s own needs or feeling guilty about not having the money to pay for the care of a sick relative or friend.

When expressing feelings towards someone, it can sometimes be easier and more rewarding, if one chooses to do so in the company of another human being. When expressing love to another person, it can help to turn oneself into a “people person”, being able to listen to another person’s experiences and thoughts without judging them and speaking over them. It can be extremely draining to spend long periods of time in isolation, especially if those involved are not comfortable with this. The practice of regularly offering hugs, kisses, cuddling and telling someone how you feel or just being present, encourages acceptance and empathy. This allows the other person to feel heard, understood, and affirmed.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always be able to say the words at the right time, it does help to understand what they mean, when they mean something, and why they are important. Love means different things to different people, at different times. It can mean being there to console a loved one after the death of a friend or pet, it can mean encouraging an injured loved one to get on with their life, and it can even mean attending a wedding or reception with a smile. It can also mean spending significant time on the phone or internet searching for a lost relative or friend. While it may seem that spending three months working on your feelings is too much, it is important to remember that three months invested, even if you never feel fully connected to them, is still time spent loving and respecting another person, and expressing those feelings towards them.

An additional method to express feelings is to use nonverbal communication. This is perhaps the most commonly used method, and can range from the simple to the grand gestures. For example, if a man wants to tell a woman that she is beautiful, he might do so by looking directly into her eyes, smiling, and saying “I’m so glad you are here”. It may also be possible to just say “thanks” or “how are you”. Nonverbal communication is often the only way for some people to truly express themselves and receive affirmation from others that what they are feeling is real.

All of these methods reflect what is known as the “love language”. The love language is simply a set of phrases or actions that can be used to express the depth and richness of one’s feelings. While it varies from person to person, typically it involves the use of the three months of the year, a gift, and a saying. These are usually used to connect or forge an emotional connection. This allows a relationship to truly take shape and grow, and can sometimes even be the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

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