Day: July 8, 2024

When to Say “I Love You”

Love is one of the most complex human emotions. It involves intimate relationships, passion, closeness, protectiveness, affection, and trust. It can be experienced in a variety of ways and may have religious or spiritual meaning, as well. Many people would agree that it's the most important human emotion, but a lot of us have trouble defining it in terms of what we experience and how it works. If you're in a relationship, chances are you've had days or weeks where you weren't all mushy-gushy in love with your partner. And there will probably be more of those days or weeks…
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The Power of Making Love

Making love is the act of sexual intimacy that builds a deeper connection with your partner. It is also a powerful way to communicate your feelings for each other. However, you need to be aware of the difference between making love and having sex. The art of making love requires a certain amount of tenderness (even if your love making is on the rough side!). It means you are considering your partner’s needs in addition to your own, which is what makes it so much more intimate than fucking. It involves kissing, touching, massages and other romantic acts before you…
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