How to Tell If He is Making Love to You

A lot of people have a very narrow view of what “making love” means. They see it as a sexual act without any emotional intimacy. They may even be hesitant to describe it as love at all. But in reality, making love is a way of life that requires both emotional and physical intimacy. It is an experience that can be enjoyed at any age or stage in a relationship.

Many times, he will caress your hair or touch your face during sex. He will use a lot of different parts of his body to feel yours, including the palms of his hands, his forehead, and his shoulders. He may even hold your hand or play with it as he makes love to you. He might also talk to you during sex, saying romantic things and telling you how much he loves you. This kind of intimate conversation shows that he is truly engaged in the moment and is not just looking at the clock or out the window to see how long it has been since he last had sex.

He will give you compliments about your beauty, body, and how much he enjoys being with you. He might tell you he wants to make love to you again or how much he looks forward to spending time with you in the future. If he is making plans and anticipating your next intimate moment with him, this is a very good sign that he feels a deep connection to you and is eager to express it physically.

His eyes are sparkling when he talks to you during intimate moments. He might also look down at your naked body, a sure sign that he is enjoying himself and feeling very connected to you. He will probably also smile while he makes love to you and will laugh a lot during your sexual time together. This is a very magical and intimate moment in a loving relationship. It can be hard to put into words, but it’s a very special moment that should not be missed.

If he takes the time to shower and wears cologne or deodorant that smells nice before he heads for bed, this is a very positive sign. He is taking the time and effort to groom himself and is preparing himself for making love to you. He is smelling good and looking his best for you and this is an indication that he is making love to you in a very special and intimate way.

When you have orgasms during sex, your body releases a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone that improves your immunity and helps you sleep better. It also helps your body fight off infections and other diseases. This is why it is very important to have sex regularly, especially if you are in a healthy relationship. This will ensure that you have a high libido and can always enjoy making love to your partner.

By adminkeren
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