Is it Possible to Make Love Without Being in Love With Someone?

Making love is one of the most special and intimate moments that you can have with your partner. It is more than just sex and it requires commitment. This type of intimacy is about the emotional connection that you have with your partner as well as the physical connection.

A lot of people wonder if it is possible to make love without being in love with someone. The truth is that it is possible but the experience may be a little different. It really depends on how each person feels about sex, love and emotional connections. It is also up to each couple to decide what kind of sexual experience they want. For example, some couples are more into quickies or sex for convenience while other couples have a very deep connection during intimate times and consider it making love. Polyamorous couples might have sex with several partners but only make love to their main squeeze.

In order to make love, both partners must be fully committed and on the same sexual and emotional wavelength. It is important to discuss this with your partner and let them know what you expect from the relationship. It is also important to take the time and savor each intimate moment rather than rushing through it. If your partner isn’t interested in taking things slowly or if you are not enjoying the process, it is likely just sex and not making love.

You can tell if you are making love or just having sex when your partner showers you with compliments during the intimate time. They are telling you how beautiful, desirable and loved you are during this time. They are trying to create a feeling of seduction with each and every touch and verbal interaction.

During the act of making love, both partners are usually more vulnerable and they try to please each other. This is why it is often a much more romantic experience than sex. It is also why you will find that it can last longer than sex.

The next time you are with your partner during a romantic moment, ask yourself these questions. Are you in love with this person? Is this an expression of your love for them? Are you in a committed relationship? If you answer yes to all of these questions, then you are definitely making love. If you are just having sex, it may be time to talk about your feelings with your partner and see what you can do to improve the quality of your sexual and emotional intimacy in your relationship.

By adminkeren
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