Signs That He is Making Love to You

Making love is an expression of true intimacy. It requires care and responsibility for your partner, including consideration of their needs, desires and preferences. While it is possible to enjoy sexual intercourse with people who don’t have feelings for you, the best sex comes from love-making partners who are able to merge their physical and emotional needs with their partner’s.

Making love means that you are focused on the pleasure of your partner, not yourself. You want to know every inch of them, and you want to envelop them with attention. You want to make sure that they are happy, and you want them to feel a sense of accomplishment when it is complete.

When you are making love, it is often hard to stop. You may be so infatuated with the sensations of connection and pleasure that it is difficult to stop until you are both satisfied. This is what makes sex and lovemaking so different from having sex with just anyone.

One of the biggest signs that he is making love to you is when he is paying close attention to your pleasure. He wants to take his time to kiss and caress all of your body parts, especially the ones that are harder for you to get to. He wants to know every inch of you, and he isn’t trying to push his own boundaries or to orgasm at your expense.

He’s also likely to shower you with praise that goes beyond your physical attributes, telling you how beautiful you are in your entire personhood. This shows that he values your beauty as a human being and that he cares deeply about sustaining a bond that goes beyond intercourse. He also might talk about your future together and express a desire to share more intimate moments in the near future.

Another sign that he is making love to you is the amount of tenderness and pillow talk involved. He will hold you tightly, and he’ll talk to you about your feelings for each other, and about what is going on between you in the bedroom. He will probably talk about his own feelings of love for you, too. He may share his thoughts about how much he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and he will tell you things that only lovers know.

If you are both in a relationship that is under stress outside of the bedroom, it will be difficult to feel like you’re making love in there. This is not an excuse to ignore your partner’s needs, but if you are fighting and resentful outside of the bedroom, you’ll struggle to communicate those feelings of love in there. The key to great sex is an open heart, and this means that both of you need to be ready for it.

Having sex without an emotional connection can still feel good, but it’s more mechanical than love making. You don’t need to be in love to have sex, but you will struggle to feel passion and excitement for it, even if you orgasm during it. Make sure that you’re putting the time and effort into your relationship that it deserves, and that you are prepared to be in love with it.

By adminkeren
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