Creating the Right Mood For Love-Making

Making love is a very special and sacred moment in a couple’s sexual relationship. It involves more than just sex; it’s a way of bonding with your partner and demonstrating how much you care for him or her. This can lead to deeper levels of emotional intimacy in the relationship. However, making love can sometimes fizzle out later on if you and your partner lose sight of your goals and start to just go through the motions.

When you think of making love, you may picture candles, sexy lingerie, and perhaps even getting wined and dined in the build-up to this intimate moment. If you’re lucky, your partner will take the lead and provide an unforgettable experience for you. But this is not always the case. Often, it’s just a physical thing – you’re attracted to each other and it feels good, so why make it more?

It’s not that you don’t care, but you’re just going through the motions. If that’s how you treat your partner, you’re probably not in the mood for sex, and that will show in the bedroom.

You can create the right mood for love-making in a few simple steps: Change the sheets, light some scented candles and make sure the room is quiet and peaceful. You can also turn on some soft, sensual music to set the tone.

Make sure your partner is comfortable and in the right mood as well. If he or she is not in the mood, you will have to work harder to please them and they will not be as receptive to the act of love-making.

Start off slow and continue at that pace. You don’t want to go too fast because you’ll be tempted to orgasm early and it will be less enjoyable for both of you. You can also try some new positions that will help you reach places you normally cannot. For example, if you’re kneeling over him, you can use your foot to grind her thighs and push gently in a rhythm that’s both gentle and exciting.

If you’re having trouble penetrating her, try using a different condom with a numbing lubricant. This will keep you from feeling the pain until he or she is ready to ejaculate and it will prolong the pleasure.

During the making of love, it is important that you speak to your partner and tell them how much you love them. Whispering sweet nothings can really put them in the mood, and you can also add some suggestive touches like touching their arm or squeezing their hand.

The key to making love is to remember that it’s about bonding and emotional intimacy, not just crazy sex. If you’re not in the mood, it’s unlikely that sex will be anything more than boring or even a waste of time. If you want to make it special, you have to give your all – and that includes your mind, body and soul.

By adminkeren
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