How Do You Know If Your Man Enjoys Making Love?

When two people love each other, they want to share an intimate and sensual experience. The experience can take place in a variety of settings, but it’s usually more meaningful – and more romantic – to make love rather than simply having sex. Making love takes a lot of time and energy, but it’s a great way to bond with your partner and demonstrate how much you care about them.

How Do You Know If He Enjoys Making Love?

The difference between having sex and making love isn’t always obvious. In fact, it can look the same and feel the same in terms of sexual intercourse with someone you love. The difference is that making love is intentional. It is a way of expressing your feelings for your partner and it’s a special kind of sex.

You can tell if your man enjoys making love by watching his body language during sex. If his face lights up, his eyes glow and he’s smiling during sex it’s a good sign that he loves being with you. He’ll probably also kiss you a lot before, during and after sex and hold you close to him. He’ll also pay attention to your needs and preferences, for example he might move a pillow away from you or adjust the position to fit your body better.

He’ll likely spend a lot of time on your back and will try to touch all the places on your body that are pleasurable to you. He might even talk to you during sex, which can be a great way to keep the mood alive and to let you know he’s paying attention. He might tell you about his day or how beautiful and special you are to him. He may even use his voice in a deep, husky tone that will further enhance the experience and heighten your erections.

Another sign that your man enjoys making love is if he brings you to orgasm multiple times during the session. Bringing you to orgasm shows that he’s invested in your pleasure and he’s willing to go above and beyond what’s typically done during sex. He’ll also likely moan and make noises during sex that will add to your sensations and help you reach a climax.

The location, ambience and mood of sex can also be a great indicator that your partner enjoys making love. A quickie in the bathroom won’t necessarily equate to a loving affair, but you can set the mood by turning down the lights and playing some sensual music in the background. Adding massage oils or a sensual bath can also give your session a more intimate and romantic feel.

If the intimacy of sex is lacking, it’s likely that your relationship is experiencing some stress outside the bedroom. It’s hard to create a loving connection with your partner when you’re fighting or resentful, so it’s important to work on improving the quality of your relationship in all areas, including between the sheets.

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