Is Your Man Making Love?

‘Making love’ is the act of using sexual activity to show someone you care. It is a form of love, which can be used to enhance a relationship or make one stronger. Some people think sex is the best way to express their feelings for each other and this can be true, but it is also possible to feel the same emotions without it.

The term “making love” has become synonymous with sexual intimacy in modern times, although it was used earlier to refer to any kind of intimate physical contact. The phrase can be traced back to the 19th century, and was used by authors such as George Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four of 1949. During the 1940s, the word began to be used in its current sense more often and by the 1960s, it had almost completely replaced the older meaning of any physical interaction with a lover.

Many couples use sex as a way of making love and this is often very enjoyable, but it can be difficult to know whether you are doing it right. If you have a man that you care deeply for, and you are sure that you are not just using each other for pleasure, then you will know that you are sharing a special bond and expressing your feelings in a very personal and satisfying way.

A man who loves you will want to please you and bring you to the highest levels of pleasure, not just for his own gratification. He will try to bring you orgasms that are earth-shattering, and he will take the time to get to know your sexual desires and quirks. He will ask you what you like and need, and he will pay attention to your answers. He will also tell you how much he loves you before and after sex, and you will be able to feel the deep connection between you.

After a good session, you will likely want to cuddle and kiss each other. The release of hormones such as norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin can make you sleepy and can help with any pain that may have been caused by the session. You can also expect to feel very calm and relaxed, allowing you to drift into a deep and restful sleep.

If your man doesn’t seem to be making love, it is worth chatting to him about how you both feel. You should always communicate how you feel with your partner, and if it is clear that he is just using you for sex, then it might be time to look elsewhere. The key is to have a loving, mutually beneficial relationship and sex should never be anything more than just a part of that. If you need help with your relationship, our expert team at Relationships Australia can help. We offer a wide range of practical strategies for handling common areas of stress including finances, parenting and sex, plus advice on the really tough stuff such as infidelity, abuse, major stresses and grief.

By adminkeren
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