How to Tell If Your Man is Making Love

If you love someone, you want to please them during sex. It’s a way to express your feelings and show that you care about them. If you don’t, then sex is just a physical thing you do when the mood strikes. However, if you want to go deeper and feel intimate with your partner during sex, then you’re making love. This involves a lot more than just touching orgasmic parts of the body, and is a much more emotional experience. It also requires you to be more aware of your partner and what their pleasures are in addition to your own.

When you make love, you take the time to set the mood before you enter the bedroom. This includes dimming the lights, lighting a scented candle, and dressing up in sexy lingerie. It may even include a few kisses and sweet nothings said to one another. You also slow down and savor each touch, whereas having sex usually occurs on the fly or as the result of a physical impulse.

If a man reaches to penetrate you before considering your comfort level, it’s not making love. It’s more likely that he’s only there for the pleasure of it, and that he doesn’t really care about your feelings. However, if he takes the time to build up sexual tension and only goes to your most sensitive area when you give him permission, then he’s taking his time to please you and is definitely making love.

A man in love with you will always consider your sensual needs before making love. If he takes the time to listen to you and asks for a slower pace or more oral contact, then he’s showing that he cares about your preferences and doesn’t want to push you past your limit. In contrast, if he moves too fast or ignores your requests, then he’s just having sex and doesn’t really care about you.

Finally, a man in love with you will never walk away after sex. If he enjoyed every moment of loving you, then he will hold you closer and tell you how much he loves you afterwards. In contrast, if he simply wanted to get some sexual relief and didn’t care about you at all, then he would walk away immediately after sex and probably won’t ever return.

While it is often difficult to differentiate between having sex and making love, the difference is clear as soon as you look at the way your partner behaves in bed. Make sure that you take the time to communicate with your partner before sex and share what romance means to both of you so that each of you can enjoy this special moment together more fully. You can even try out some of these tips to create a more romantic atmosphere while you’re making love:

By adminkeren
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