Making Love – What Makes You Both Turn On

making love

Making love means more than just stripping down and getting physical. It includes intimate touches like kissing, touching different parts of each other’s bodies, and whispering sweet nothings to one another. It also involves emotional intimacy, which can be hard to achieve without communication. Getting to know your partner’s sexual needs, and learning what makes you both turn on will help you make love the way you want to, and can be a great experience.

Most people have an idea of what sex is, but many don’t know what it takes to make love. They often think that sex is just having physical intercourse with someone they like, and that it doesn’t involve any emotions or connection. While sex is often enjoyable, it can also be a very boring and detached experience. This is because sex doesn’t usually include any intimate or emotional touches, or the discussion of feelings and sexual pleasure.

In addition, the lack of emotional attachment can lead to a more shallow, abrasive relationship. This is why it’s important to communicate what turns you on, and what doesn’t. Whether it’s oral sex, a certain position or a specific type of climax, it’s vital to let your partner know what you like, so they can create an experience that is more satisfying for both of you.

To truly connect with your partner during sexual activity, focus on your breathing and his, to keep yourself grounded and enthralled. It also helps to focus on your senses – use the scent of his cologne or perfume, turn on some romantic music, and even consider a sensual moan to get your auditory senses turned on as well. Kissing is a huge part of making love – try kissing with passion and using different techniques, such as deep penetration or slow grinding. This will help you build up a climax that feels even more intense and pleasurable.

Make sure your bedroom is warm and inviting before you start, and light some candles or put on a romantic movie to set the mood. You could even get some scented massage oil or buy some sensual lingerie to help you feel your best. Make sure you’re both in a comfortable position and that there are no distractions, such as children or roommates. This is a time for you to be completely with your partner and show them how much you care about them. It can be difficult to talk about these things, as vulnerability can be a scary thing, but it’s one of the most important elements of a fulfilling love life. Embrace your vulnerability, and you’ll find yourself closer to the person you love than ever before. You may even discover that you have more to give each other than you previously thought. Make the most of this opportunity and learn to make love the right way! Your partner will appreciate your efforts. And if you’re lucky, they might reciprocate with their own special touches.

By adminkeren
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