Making Love – How to Make Him Love You

making love

If your man wants to make love with you, he’ll make it clear to you that this is what he desires. He’ll want to take you on a sexual journey where you both explore the heights and depths of intimacy and pleasure. He’ll show that he loves you by holding you close and kissing you in between the sheets. He will also try to please you during sex by touching your erogenous zones, running his hands down your back and chest, and other places that you find most pleasurable. He’ll also show that he cares about you by taking good care of his hygiene, such as having clean armpits and fresh breath.

He’ll try to set the mood by preparing the bedroom for love making. He may draw the curtains and turn out the lights to create a romantic atmosphere, or put on sensual music to inspire feelings of arousal. He might also prepare a warm bath for you to relax in before you go down on him. During love making, he’ll hold you close and kiss your neck and face and talk to you in a husky voice. He might even whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

Having sex with someone who doesn’t spark feelings is not making love. Many people have had quickies with a random person, or have hooked up with a “friend with benefits,” or sex with someone they’ve started seeing for physical satisfaction. Even faithful, married couples sometimes have sex without emotions. But true love making is a special time with a person you have deep affection and respect for. It’s when you surrender yourself to the other person, you become one with them, and their self becomes yours.

If you are truly in love with your partner, you’ll probably be very happy during and after making love. You’ll be eager to spend quality time together and will probably express your feelings to him. You will also want to spend more time between the sheets, and you’ll be excited about kissing and cuddling. You might even share some intimate secrets or embarrassing stories about yourself.

You’ll also want to talk about what makes you feel loved. You might find that your partner enjoys certain positions like the missionary position, coital alignment technique or spooning. It’s important to communicate what you like during sex to avoid surprises or disappointments.

You should also pay attention to your partner’s behavior after sex. If he’s still talking about work or his day, he probably wasn’t in the mood for love making and was only there for sex. On the other hand, if your partner smiles and is overjoyed to see you, he’s likely in love with you and was really enjoying himself while making love with you. He’ll probably tell you how much he enjoyed it. He’ll also want to continue spending more and more time with you. He might even invite you to stay over for sex in the future.

By adminkeren
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