Day: August 14, 2022

How to Say “I Love You”

There are many reasons to say that you love you. But perhaps you're not sure how to say it. You might have been in this position before, but you still struggled to find the right words. Here are some tips. Try these and you'll be on your way to saying "I love you". If you're wondering why it's so difficult to say, consider your communication style. Some people value terse communication style (as compared to speaking). They would use less words and emojis, which are universally understood. In such a scenario, the "love you" abbreviation could reflect a person's beliefs…
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Men Who Are Serious About Making Love

While sex is a normal and healthy way to express your sexual desire, the act of making love is far more sensual and pleasurable. The experience can be enhanced with post-love making cuddles, embracing, and talking about your experiences. Depending on the individual, you may prefer making love or having sex. Both can be equally healthy and rewarding. Whatever you choose, you will be rewarded with great sexual pleasure. Men who are serious about making love are usually honest and straightforward in their approach. They will not try to fool around or play games. They will want to feel comfortable…
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