The Concept of Love


The Concept of Love

Despite the widespread belief that love is an essential part of human relationships, the study of love is relatively new. Sigmund Freud, a pioneer of psychoanalysis, argued that the subject matter should be studied through scientific methods because the feelings of love have been the subject of thousands of years of artistic and creative treatment. Early explorations of the topic received criticism and were even derided by U.S. Senator William Proxmire, who called such research a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The concept of love can be described in various ways. For example, it can take the form of an infatuation, a short-term romantic relationship that may not develop into a relationship. Infatuation is characterized by intense feelings of longing, such as a need to be physically close to the other person. Compassionate love is characterized by trust, affection, and commitment. Unrequited love occurs when a person feels for another but does not receive the same feeling from that person.

The Bible describes two types of love: erotic and storge. The former refers to love between close male and female friends and has no sexual connotation. The Hebrew word ahabah defines brotherly affection between David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel 20:17. Greek phileo is used to describe friendship and relationship in John 15:19 and Romans 12:10. For more detailed definitions, see the section on love in the New Testament and on Wikipedia.

In the Greeks, the concept of love was referred to as Agape. The term implies unconditional, undying affection. It describes a strong desire to protect and cherish a beloved one. It is often characterized as parent love. Parents love their children with unconditional devotion and respect. This definition of love is also reflected in the Greek mythology. This type of love is based on the fact that children are not dependent on their parents, but are surrounded by their parents.

Erotic love is characterized by physical attraction and intense intimacy. It involves the erotic, or ‘agape’, of God, which is a higher form of love. Its advocates do not commit to a long-term relationship and feel comfortable ending their relationship. But in many cases, erotic love is the right type for a relationship. However, it may not be the best choice for every couple. For example, it may not be suited for people with serious phobias.

In the world of love, there are three different types of emotions: erotic love is a kind of intense attachment characterized by intense physical attraction. It is the same type of love that is shared between lovers, but it differs from that of erotic love. It is a strong form of attachment centered on sex and a desire to get intimate with another person. The emphasis of erotic love is on the physical attractiveness and mutual interests.

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